Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of financial data can I search for?
At this time, you can search for US equity data including real-time and historical stock prices, technical info, and fundamentals. You can search over custom arbitrary time periods and with arbitrary benchmarks, industry classifications, universe sizes and, if desired, with custom math formulas. We will constantly add new content, new instruments, and new data providers. Please let us know what you would like included!
2. How does the search process work?
Our platform uses natural language processing to understand your search queries, similar to how Google or other search engines work. You can use simple phrases or complex queries to find the financial data you need.
3. Is the data updated in real-time?
Yes. The queries are built and updated in real-time, so you can always access the most current information. You can also run a query and pull the results into a CSV file to easily copy it into a spreadsheet.
4. Can I integrate this technology into my existing systems and infrastructure?
Yes, our technology can be custom integrated into your existing systems and infrastructure, or it can be accessed as a microservice. We can also work with your Firm to integrate your own data.
5. Is there a learning curve for using this technology?
Not really. Enter your searches using natural language. While you will gain proficiency at building conditions and queries, our platform is user-friendly and does not require any coding or technical skills.
6. Is this technology only for professional investors or can retail investors also use it?
Our technology is designed for both professional and retail investors. If you are interested in learning how to access the technology as an individual, please contact us.
7. Is there a cost associated with using this technology?
Our pricing model is customizable and can be based on usage, number of users, or other factors. Contact us for more information on pricing.

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