Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) service utilizes integrated deep learning and artificial intelligence to help users build sophisticated views without complexity.
THINKalpha employs an optimized query system, specifically created to extract and evaluate data with support for complex formulas.
The NLP microservice provides an interface for custom integration. Now the power of the system can be made available to almost any user and in any context.

Some examples of how the NLP service simplifies the creation of sophisticated queries:

User Input

"barclose is greater than 5"
"stocks that are highly correlated with Apple"
"stocks with a low correlation with Google"
"20 day ADV is greater than 500000"

Query Language´╗┐

CORREL(BarClose(1d),BarClose(1d)."AAPL",[.90d:0]) > (0.8)

The API of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subsystem is documented in the OpenAPI format.

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