Strategy Builders make idea generation easy and powerful.

Point and Click Builder
Natural Language
Content Library
Analytics and Backtest Engines

No coding required! The heart and mind of the platform combines real-time views with backtest verification. Define and build custom data, formulas, and conditions over arbitrary time periods and without having to code. A smart GUI with integrated NLP simplifies the user experience.

Real-Time Analytics Engine

Real-Time Analytics Engine built on a proprietary high performance in-memory cache architecture with an integrated matrix-based calculator—allowing custom views and functions on data.

Back Test Engine

Purpose-built History Server and Back Test Engine enabling custom functions which use arbitrary time periods and with the ability to back test and optimize user strategies.

High Performance Cloud

Effortlessly run complex strategies using high performance cloud infrastructure. Lock-free multithreaded design allows for optimized scaling in the cloud.

Market Data

Data driven design takes on a whole new meaning with Think Alpha. Drive innovation, create content and seize opportunity with the power of the platform. Real-time, time-series, structured, and alternative data can be mixed and matched effortlessly.

Dynamic Distribution

Low-latency market data platform engineered to elegantly handle even the bursts of the Options OPRA feed. Dynamic data enables downstream real-time intelligent analytics without losing concurrency.

Flexible Data Streaming

Flexible data streaming enables innovative product development—with high-performance services connecting via proprietary socket-based binary APIs and other widely distributed client applications utilizing RESTful APIs.

Content Integration

Designed to support new instruments, multiple currencies, alternative data and custom data. The capabilities of the platform will grow as data and content are added.


Think Alpha’s proprietary transactional platform is built upon decades of high-performance trading, matching, routing, and market making experience. A low-level transaction layer connects foundational market engines.

Messaging Framework

Low latency, multi-threaded, and reliable proprietary messaging framework for any financial transaction.


OMS/EMS with order marking, matching, splitting, aggregation unit treatment, pre-trade risk, and advanced real-time risk monitoring.

FIX Transaction Engine

FIX Transaction Engine with persistence and risk checks under 10mu. Deterministic with over 100,000 messages per second.