About Us

Enabling Every Investor with Modern Technology

Empowering every investor with advanced investment tools to create data driven portfolios, simplify intelligent research, enable seamless backtesting and execute strategy management.

We are financial freedom fighters.  Our team includes deeply experienced technologists, traders, investors, quants, market professionals, product designers, and data scientists.   We  dreamt of a future where every investor is empowered to turn their interests into ideas and, in turn, turn those ideas into action.  Over the better part of the last decade we have been building towards that future.  THINKalpha’s platform is based on integrated technologies whose foundation has been designed to fulfill our mission.

Our vision was challenging, but clear:  to build a platform for the future of financial innovation.  We knew for that to happen it couldn’t just statically enable our end users at one moment in time.  Rather, it had to have the power and flexibility to efficiently develop and distribute new tools for all time.  THINKalpha’s platform leapfrogs what’s out there, and will only become more powerful as a tool and more enriched as an ecosystem.

Do I need to know how to code?

No coding required!   You do not need to know python or any scripting at all.  You can use point-and-click builders and even natural language to express what you want.  The system is so powerful that even experienced quants will appreciate its capabilities while enjoying its ease of use.  The platform supports a spectrum of complexity and users are positioned to unlock the unique opportunities that come with its flexible expression building.

What's so special about THINKalpha's platform?

Become a market whiz!  Seriously, have you ever tried programming a system to mix and match real-time data with arbitrary time series data while using math and technical functions at the same time?  It’s hard to do even for really experienced programmers and quants.  THINKalpha reduces the complexity and allows you to focus on idea generation.

When will I be able to use it?

Soon!  Please sign up to express your interest and tell us as much about yourself and your background as possible.

We are offering the platform to a limited number of beta users.  A wider release will be made available shortly.


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Our team is comprised of passionate technologists, coders, designers, quants, data scientists, and market professionals that seek out elegant solutions to complex problems.